We are the mashup of all the things we let into our life.

We are the mashup of all the things we let into our life.
The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more ---William Wordsworth

Friday, 11 January 2013

Fear is the key

                 (Written when in grade ninth)          
 "Boom!" Every thing suddenly went quiet; there was a blast nearby the prison and the guards darted towards it. I sat gazing at the pitch-black wall thinking what to do with only a strip of light coming through the open window. I was tightly tied with ropes on the chair and suddenly I saw something gleaming in the darkness and could not make what it was but when I looked closely, I saw that it was a key, which had fallen from the guards pocket when he ran to examine the blast.

                            Somehow I loosened and freed myself from the taut ropes, picked up the key and went into the guard’s room to find some kind of weapon to defend myself in case there is a need. I delved thoroughly, under the table, in the closet, everywhere one could imagine them to be, but had failed to find one. Suddenly, I heard some disturbance outside the door and so, I looked around, spotted an opened window, dashed towards it, and then jumped out. The guards had started searching for me and had even alerted the police. They opened the cages of the guard dogs, which barked constantly and started to sniff for my trail. All of a sudden, I heard the policemen coming and surrounding the prison. I was wearing a white outfit of some kind that could easily be seen, so I stuck close to the wall, found a stinky drain and lowered myself in it. The mud in the drain camouflaged my dress, enabling me to escape unseen. Gradually, the morning light was trying to come through the emerging clouds. Half stumbling, I moved towards the riverbank and ahead of me loomed a forest. I could still hear behind me the noise made by the guards and the dogs that were persistently looking for me. In order to hide quickly from them, I started running towards the forest through the clearing. The winds were now wailing fiercely and the dark clouds had simultaneously engulfed the entire sky leaving the valley enveloped into its gloominess. My clothes were all torn  because of the thorns in the bushes that kept getting in my way, and the legs were killing me with a pain that would not recede away, due to which I was dying with thirst. It was just the beginning of my journey as a fugitive and the desire to continue on my run was fast receding. After a long run of I don’t know how long, I slipped and crumbled down on the sandy ground. With no more energy left, I tried to slumber for a while; the sharp chilled wind that was perpetually hissing and sighing around me was now making me sick and weaker. The thirst was now, after a long wait getting intolerable, so I got to my feet and with a great struggle, started hunting for water.

                             After a while I found a stream which was gently flowing by, I immediately dove into it and lay over the smooth water, lapping and sucking it like an animal. The weakness in me slowly ebbed away and I was feeling a little stronger, after that, I started walking on the path that would eventually help me to escape. I was going on and on in the torn clothes but could scarcely see any village or town nearby where I could find shelter. There was still some strength left in me and so, with that intention, I took a step forward and then suddenly the area around me became all blurred and gloomy. There was dizziness in my head and I fell to the floor lying unconscious. 

        The sun was almost out and as usual, looked ageless as ever. There was a tall man, half- bald, with a big moustache, standing a few steps away from him when he heard someone rustling ahead of him. He threw away his scissors, with which he was cutting the shrubs, took out a Walther from his waist at the small of his back, and slid into the darkness of the trees, waiting. After waiting for some moments, he gave up and proceeded towards the place from where the sound emanated. On observing who it was he recoiled back, his face aghast. Dropping the Walther on the ground he ran as fast as he could, never looking back. Madness began.

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